Illustrator • Storyboard + Concept artist

[email protected]

Goopy • 21 yo • Canadian First Nations

I draw stuff.

I play competitive video games, and just video games in general. I'm studying concept and design for video games and trying to pick up coding. I'm also trying to juggle comic art and whatnot.

Other than games and art, my interests include marine biology and culinary stuff. I used to study architecture as well, specifically ancient architecture. I'm a tiny bit of a history buff, but I dropped most of my interesting hobbies for art.

I love musicals and especially movies, horror/suspense fan to the max. I secretly review movies in my free-time, but I keep it seperate from my main accounts. I tend to see any new movie that catches my interest.

My interests tend to fluctuate a lot, so don't get used to me drawing one thing.

I'm generally quiet, but on the occasion I'll talk about silly stuff. My opinions are mine and mine alone.

Things I find uncomfortable:
○ Calling yourself trash / garbage
○ If you're an ex friend interacting with posts, just talk to me.
○ irl gore / dead animals

○ Deface my art
○ Copy / trace my art, copying my style is A-OKAY.
○ Save my selfies
○ Disrespect my interests / comforts
○ Ask me to do free art

○ If you support minor / adult relationships
○ Want to debate about politics
○ You are involved with/are a DDLG / CGL / MAP / RADFEM / TERF
○ If you're: Racist / Homophobic / Transphobic

○ You attempt to message me in an inappropriate behavior ( asking for nudes / only talking to me just to gain something )
○ We had pressing issues that aren't resolved.
○ You made inappropriate comments towards me or friends.
○ Deface my art
○ I find out you used my selfie and slander my face and name.
○ Threaten me, in general or if I won't draw you something.

Things I do:
○ I might joke with friends that you might find a bit offensive, but it's all in the name of fun- although I only talk to them in private.
○ Vent
○ Talk about comforts too much
○ I might stand up for something that might be involved with discourse

Feel entirely free to unfollow, and if you're a mutual- please consider soft blocking. If you have any concerns- don't feel hesitant to talk to me about it.

Video games:

✰ Sonic
✰ Overwatch
✰ (retired) TFT Player
✰ Stardew Valley
✰ Pokemon
✰ Animal Crossing
✰ Final Fantasy 7 / 15
✰ Shovel Knight
✰ Fallout 3+NV+4
✰ Hollow Knight
✰ Muse Dash
✰ Portal + Portal 2
✰ Terraria
✰ L4D2
✰ Legend of Zelda
✰ Rhythm Heaven

Other stuff:

✰ Vocaloid
✰ Beastars
✰ Rilakkuma
✰ The Moomins
✰ Aggrestuko
✰ Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse
✰ Marvel
✰ DC
✰ Beetlejuice
✰ Les Miserables
✰ Nightmare on Elm Street
✰ Friday the 14th
✰ Any Child's Play movies
✰ D&D